About me!
In my work I like to switch between different technologies and media. Most times I find myself combining all these techniques, to create the best way to tell every story. It's my goal to create simple and complex works in an accessible and fun way.
In my work I often top topics like mental health and get my inspiration from music and especially pop culture. My style has playful colors and smooth motions.
I also like to translate something exciting into something new, to give a new point of view on daily life. 
list of exhibitions and screenings: 
“Vraag 16A” 05.2021 - BNNVARA 2 Voor 12 (NPO2)
“WOA” 06.2022 - Image & Media Technology year 2: Installation Exhibition (Utrecht)
“900 seconds presents: De Stad Zonder Muren” 10.2022 - Tivoli Vredenburg (Utrecht)
“Colors” 01.2022 - Kleur De Stad (Utrecht)
“Tijd Voor Tijd” 01.2023 - Reframe Media Exhibition (Utrecht)
“Petal Express” 01.2024 - I LIGHT U (Utrecht)
“Starlet” 06.2024 - HKU Exposure 2024 (Utrecht)

Motion Designer:  TBWA\NEBOKO - February 2023 - July 2023, Amsterdam 
Binnenhuisarchitect: Harmen Witte Interieurs - April 2018, Breda

Hogeschool voor de kunsten Utrecht, Image & Media Technology - September  2020 - July 2024, Utrecht
Hogeschool voor de kunsten Utrecht, Minor Reframe Media - August 2022 - January 2023, Utrecht
Open Studio, Video en Digitale Media - September 2019 - April 2020, Amsterdam
Newman College, HAVO - August 2014 - July 2019, Breda

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