Starlet - graduation project
A silver trophy, something to be proud of, right? But what if you always end up second? 

'Starlet', an immersive music video installation, unveils the story of a figure skater struggling with performance pressure. This mixed-media animation, driven by Hyperpop music, takes you on an emotional journey through the daily struggles of a star.

At our lowest points, we often seek to escape rather than to confront our problems. But how long can we truly escape? It is only by facing his problems that Starlet realizes his strength is not in pursuing perfection, but lays in the freedom he feels on the ice.
Mixed media animation

menstrual poverty - Neighborhood feminists
Animation for Neighborhood Feminism's instagram page for their campaign to raise funds and awareness for menstrual poverty.

end credits - BAIT
end credit design for the movie 'BAIT by Alika Visser

Title motion design - metanoia
Title motion design for the film 'metanoia' by Shenubian Boasman 

The Petal Express - I LIGHT U 
Animation for I LIGHT U (Light Festival Utrecht) on the theme "Urban Transformation'
Displayed on Hoog Catharijne The Mall.
Mixed Media Animation

motion design showreel - tbwa\neboko
Different TBWA projects during my internship. All made in collaboration with other designers. 
Motion Design / Animation
Rights reserved to TBWA\Neboko

the package - personal work
Mixed media animation about a lost friendship. 
Personal project during my internship at TBWA\Neboko
Animation, editing, concept.

900 seconds utrecht -
Animation the 900 seconds project for the celebration of 900 years of utrecht. Displayed in Tivoli Vredenburg
Keyframe based animation.

vraag 16A - 2 voor 12 BNNVARA
Animation for the tv quiz '2 voor 12'. The video is a part of a question in the quiz.
Animation, editing, concept.
Mixed media animation

sounds fine, doesn't it - the new hammond sound project
(full music video on 'film & art direction' page)
Animation for the music video of 'sounds fine, doesn't it' by The New Hammond Sound Project.​​​​​​​
Animation, editing, concept.

animation showreel - personal work
Showreel of different short animations
different media