Starlet | music video installation
A silver trophy, something to be proud of, right? But what if you always end up second? 

'Starlet', an immersive music video installation, unveils the story of a figure skater struggling with performance pressure. This mixed-media animation, driven by Hyperpop music, takes you on an emotional journey through the daily struggles of a star.

At our lowest points, we often seek to escape rather than to confront our problems. But how long can we truly escape? It is only by facing his problems that Starlet realizes his strength is not in pursuing perfection, but lays in the freedom he feels on the ice.
Installation around animated music video at HKU Exposure 2024
Time for time | interactive multimedia installation

Do we all experience time in the same way? This gets answered by combining different kinds of work and making it one. At some moments, we experience time slowly, while at other moments time flies. ‘Time for time’ questions our experience of time. Do you want to be conscious of time, so you can control it? Or do you rather forget time exists, so it can’t control you?
This installation contains 12 works. All placed in a circle, where each work represents a number on the clock. They individually display a different experience of time, at the same time.
Interactive multidisciplinary installation 
 video, animation, photography, graphic design, mixed media and sensors
Anne-Sophie Jongmans, Chee Tse & Alika Visser
February 16th 2022


WOA is an installation which confronts people with how they treat the underwater world. As human beings, we want to control as much as possible, but is this always for the better? Our silly little behaviors can have a huge impact for the future. For example stealing little coral riffs or touching a sea creature, without seeing the direct impact. 
The ways you can walk through the installation are created by humans, we cannot ignore our impact. You will stumble upon jellyfish, are you letting them live in peace, or are you intrigued to play with them? Your prescense impacts the peace of this environment, which is shown on the interactive screens. The kind of experience depends on the patience and attention of the visitor. 

Interactive installation by movement, presence and visualisation.
Presence sensor, movement sensor, mixed media.
Shen Boasman, Anne-Sophie Jongmans, Shoghufa Majdod & Alika Visser
june 16th 2022

more | interactive installation

We live in a time where we have to show more of ourselves even if we are not always aware of it. Checking if you still look good or didn’t do anything to embarrass yourself. And with the rise of social media it only became more of a habit for many. To be seen, but what if you are being seen and you don’t really want that? 
MORE, is an installation where you have no control of what others see from you instead it gives the audience control.

Interactive installation based on projection mapping and feedback loops.