She'll be fine - Shoghufa Majdod | Art direction assistent
Metanoia - Shenubian Boasman | Set dressing

 'Sounds fine doensn't it?' - the new hammond sound project | Music video

The song portrays the evolution of the hammond, from the 60ths to maybe the future. The music video shows the experimental aspect of the band.

Music video for The new hammond sound project, for their song called 'sounds fine, doesn't it?'
Art direction, animation, editing, concept, production and acting. 

butterflies | video projection (mapping)

The feeling that you love someone so deeply, it seems too good to be true. They can't do no wrong. Are you forgiving this person again and again, are you still staying true to yourself? Can you still strust your feelings?  You're realizing you're being blinded by love. Reality unravels. Dark thoughts break through your vision of this person. You're realizing you were in love with the feeling, instead of the person. This leaves you alone and hollow, with no one but yourself.
"It's funny how the warning signs can feel like theyre butterflies"
Halsey - Graveyard

Video projection